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Riverside Event COVID-19 Action Plan​

This page is subject to be updated as event dates approach

With the guidance of the County Health Officer and the Public Health Order directed by the State Health Officer, we have a comprehensive plan to mitigate the potential risks of COVID-19. For outdoor gatherings of 50-250 people we are required to enforce certain precautions to the best of our ability

- Groups standing or sitting together should be limited to 6, preferably of the same household. However, we are able to make      exceptions for groups greater than 6 if the group is comprised of members from the same household.

- A 6 ft distance must be maintained between individual groups at all times. Including; entrances/exits, concessions, ticket              booths, and restrooms. 

- Prior to each day of the event, staff will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 or exposure to a person with COVID-19 in          the past 14 days. This information will be kept and made available for the local health officer if needed. 

- Our staff will be wearing face masks or coverings to protect themselves and others to infection. Face masks are not required        for attendees but are recommended.

- Games and other frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned every 10 minutes. Ticket booths will be cleaned after every              customer.

- We encourage contactless and non-signature payment, but where these options are not possible we do have credit card and      cash options available. Payment stations will be cleaned and sanitized after every use.

- There will be signage around the property reminding attendees to not enter if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and to              remind separate parties to stand at least 6 ft apart.

- Food and beverage services are separate services and are not affiliated with Riverside Nursery but will be following the                provisions for restaurants in the Seventh Continuation, and Modification, of Statewide Public Health Order regarding                  restaurants.

The event will follow the public health recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and the Wyoming Department of Health, including washing hands often with soap and water, practicing social distancing by avoiding close contact with others, avoiding touching ones face, eyes, nose, and mouth, covering a cough or sneeze into ones elbow or by using a tissue, and wearing a face covering when in public.

We hope to create a fun and safe event for all those who attend!
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