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At Riverside Nursery, we pride ourselves in the highest quality plants and gardening products. This, of course, extends to our sod. We have been working in conjunction with a sod company in Idaho for 20+ years to provide high quality grass that is formulated to do well in the Western Wyoming growing zones.

Current Prices*:

$0.78 sqft under 1,000 sqft

$0.76 sqft over 1,000 sqft

To place an order, give us a call at 307-875-5434. Make sure to know the square footage

of the area you are ordering sod for.

Square footage is measured 2ft x 5ft. Find the width and length of your yard and multiply the two numbers by each other, that will give you the square footage.

We offer refunds up to 5 business days before the day you will receive the sod, in which we will be required to subtract an 8% service charge from your total amount spent, no exceptions.

Basic Information

The sod we get in is a wonderful Kentucky Blue Grass that grows great in our area. The sod is cut the night before it is delivered to ensure maximum quality. We receive a sod shipment every Friday and occasionally on Saturdays, orders are first come first served. We recommend ordering your sod a few weeks before you want to lay it to ensure you have a spot on a truck and that you have time to prepare to receive your new grass. Sod is typically delivered between 8am-1pm depending on where you are located. The sod truck driver has a forklift that he will use to unload your sod and you may direct him on where to put it. The truck driver will NOT call ahead of time so if you have a specific spot you would like him to drop it off, it is best to be there when he arrives. Sod should be laid within the first day of receiving, if left to sit it may rot or mold. We strongly recommend using Jirdon Seed & Sod Starter fertilizer to help your new sod root. This may be used on top of or under sod being laid. If you have any questions please call us at 307-875-5434, we would be happy to help!

Preparing for New Sod

Before you lay your new sod you must remove weeds and large rocks. Be sure to level the soil before applying new sod. Top soil or peat moss may be used but is not necessary. DO NOT USE MANURE, it can cause fungus's and it may be too hot for your new sod. To improve the rooting quality of your new sod, we suggest you purchase a sod starter fertilizer. We recommend using Jirdon Seed and Sod Starter which is specifically made for our region, you may purchase this at the nursery. It may be applied on top of or underneath your new sod.

Watering New Sod

Water is essential to all life. Too little water and we die, too much and we drown. The same is true of grass in our lawns. Water makes up 70% to 80% of the weight of our lawn grasses. While most people are concerned about not watering their lawns enough, the fact is that more lawns are damaged or destroyed by over-watering. 

  • Make absolutely certain that water is getting to all areas of your new lawn, regardless of the type of sprinkling system you use. Corners and edges are easily missed.

  • For the first two weeks keep the below turf soil moist with frequent waterings, especially on hot, dry, or windy days.

  • Water as early in the morning as possible. This will take advantage of the sod's normal growing cycle. Do not water at night, this can cause fungus, grubs, or mold to appear because the water sits over night with little evaporation.

  • If the temperature approaches 100°F or if there are high winds that are constant, reduce the temperature of the turf surface by lightly sprinkling the area with water. Sprinkling does not replace morning watering.

  • After 2-3 weeks your lawn has typically rooted well in your soil. After this time, your soil will only need about 1 inch of water a week. A good way to see if you are watering enough in all areas is to use tuna or cat food cans that are flat-bottomed and place them in different areas of your lawn. Set your yard to water for 30 minutes and when that time is up, check your cans to see if they have around the same amount of water in them. Address cans that have a large variations in water amount.

  • Avoid hand sprinkling because it cannot provide the necessary uniformity. The only exception is the above mentioned hot weather hand sprinkling.

Returns & Refunds

We understand that things happen and sometimes you may not need your sod or you have to cancel for one reason or another. We offer refunds up to 5 business days before the day you will receive the sod, in which we will be required to subtract an 8% service charge from your total amount spent, no exceptions. We encourage you to not cancel your sod or let us know well ahead of your delivery date because you may bring the sod delivery square footage to below minimum and this will cause all other customers to have to cancel or move their sod to another week.

If you are picking up your sod from the nursery, you will need to pick up your sod the day it is delivered. It is urgent that your sod be laid in a timely matter and that it does not stay rolled. In the event that you do not pick up your sod within a timely manner, there will be NO refunds offered, no exceptions.

If you order too much sod, you MUST receive all ordered sod. We cannot take back or refund any amount of sod you do not need. Many people are in need of sod to lay or patch their yard with. We encourage you to post on Facebook or you may ask us to post on our Facebook page about your excess sod to help you sell the extra. No refunds, no exceptions.

*Prices are subject to change without notice, please call for current prices

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