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2020 End of Year Update

None of us were expecting this last year to be as crazy as it has been. In the spring we weren't sure what to expect for the future and we were honestly bracing ourselves for the worst. When we opened in April it was a completely different experience than we have ever had. COVID really changed how each of us goes about our everyday lives, but we had so many loving people rushing in to support us in these hard times, and we can not thank you enough.

Our summer was different but still absolutely amazing. We want to thank all those who supported local even though we know money was tight for everyone. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hold our regular classes this year but we are hopeful for the upcoming season! We were excited to see so many new faces and to make new friends during this time! It was so fun to see everyone grow their own beautiful COVID garden because we all definitely needed a little more beauty in our lives this year. There are few things better than watching a garden grow that you invested so much time and energy into. We loved being able to feature a few of these gardens with our ‘Yard of the Week’ nominees. They all put in so much effort to beautify their yards and many were loyal customers. We loved seeing our plants in their new homes!

With the end of summer came another hardship. The huge windstorm that devastated the community was honestly an eye-opener to how we can help our neighbors in their time of need. We are thankful for the support of our community and to all those who offered help with our big trees that fell. We know we aren't the only ones and we hope everyone recovered okay and got some good firewood for the winter

Of course, we couldn't let the wind storm bring us down! A few weeks later we were able to host our FIRST EVER Riverside Harvest Festival! If I had to choose my favorite part of the year, it most definitely was seeing this dream come to life! We were blown away by the attendance and support we received from the community at the Harvest Festival. We were excited to have many other local vendors be a part of the festival, because us small businesses need to help eachother out! We had thousands attend and we could not imagine a better crowd, not to mention an amazing DJ who kept everyone moving! We are excited about what the future holds for the Harvest Festival and can't wait to make it bigger and better next year! And possibly add a few more fun events to our calendar...

We know this year has been hard on everyone and we want you to know that we loved having our amazing customers by our side every step of the way. We hope to see all our old and new friends this upcoming year! Here's to hope for a better year next year, and to all of you, because we couldn't have done it without YOU!!!

Thank you for being amazing! Happy New Year!! The Owens Family & Riverside Nursery

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