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Wyoming Winter Watering

Even though there is snow outside, it doesn't mean that your trees and shrubs are getting all the water they need. If you bought a tree or shrub this year or in the last few years you need to water them during the winter! Watering your woodies in the winter greatly increases their chances of not only surviving the winter but thriving in the next few years of its life!

The most vulnerable plants are the young ones, especially those in their first year of planting and those that have developing roots. Each shrub needs at least 5 gallons of water every 2-4 weeks in the winter. Trees need at least 10 gallons of water for every 1 inch in trunk diameter every 2-4 weeks. When watering your plants in the winter, be sure to water in the mid to late morning on a day that is above 40 degrees so the tree roots have time to soak in the water before the temperatures drop at night.

Winter watering is very important in this area because of our cold and very dry winters. Low humidity and cold temperatures cause the soil to expand and shrink frequently and can inflict significant damage on plant root systems during the winter. It is essential to act quickly when the conditions are right to water your woodies!

We love our trees, they are some of the main focal pieces in our yard. Be sure to treat them kindly and they will give you years of beauty!

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